Master Herbalist Speaks - How to transform your health with advanced herbal medicine

Khabir Southwick, master herbalist, Ayurvedic Doctor, Naturopath, founder of, will speak about advanced herbalism that is capable of treating even ”incurable” health conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, ulcerative colitis, herpes, IBS and more. Learn how to improve your health with herbal medicine. Hear what Khabir cannot say anywhere but on his podcast. Follow him for the truth about natural health care!

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Sunday Jun 02, 2024

This Podcast where we delve into the crucial topic of holistic health care. What does 'holistic' mean in the context of treating yourself? What is a holistic doctor, and how does a holistic approach differ from conventional treatments?
In this episode, we explore the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to health care. We discuss why a holistic perspective is essential, not just for health care providers aiming for higher success rates but also for individuals looking to improve their own health. We'll clarify common misconceptions about holistic treatments and highlight why addressing the root causes of health issues is vital.
From the importance of digestion and elimination to the role of sleep and stress management, we cover the foundational elements that contribute to overall well-being. Discover why treating conditions in isolation is often insufficient and learn how a holistic approach can lead to better health outcomes.
Tune in to understand the principles of holistic health and why integrating multiple facets of well-being is the key to achieving lasting health improvements.

Saturday May 18, 2024

Exploring Misconceptions and Ayurvedic Solutions for Cancer
In this enlightening episode, we delve into the multifaceted topic of cancer, its causes, misconceptions, and the preventive measures. We introduce you to the diverse world of Ayurvedic cancer treatments, its effectiveness, and how it contrasts with the Western approach to management.
We also discuss the importance of preventive measures and avoiding carcinogenic elements in our everyday lives, such as microwaved food, burnt toast, and nonstick pans. This is a thorough exploration of the holistic approach practiced in India where doctors control every aspect of the treatment, requiring lifestyle changes that aim to add strength and immunity to the body.
We uncover the intricate connections between longstanding health problems, unhealthy diets, and corporeal imbalances, raising awareness about their potential to foster cancerous conditions. Highlighted within this narrative are facts about how the negligence of minor health complications, together with exposure to hazardous substances, can heighten the risk of cancer.
Moreover, we take you through the Ayurvedic perspective as we delve into the roles of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in fostering cancerous conditions when imbalanced. Lastly, we unravel Ayurvedic treatment approaches that seek to balance all three doshas, emphasizing the essential lifestyle and dietary changes beneficial in both treatment and prevention.
The episode concludes by underscoring the significance of a healthy organic diet, fresh air, and purer living conditions in preventing cancer. It also delves into how an Ayurvedic practitioners' multi-dimensional approach manages cancer, the different aspects that influence a clinic's efficiency, and the early detection of cancer. You also get insights into the crucial role patients play in Ayurvedic treatments and the limitations of relying on one treatment.
This comprehensive exploration of cancer treatments aims to provide hope, emphasizing the treatability of ALL health conditions, and the significance of timing in treatment, positivity and open-mindedness.

Sunday May 12, 2024

The value of & difference between Synthetic & Food-based Supplements in treating chronic health issues
In this explosive podcast episode, gain deep insights into the limitations of nutritional therapy. We meticulously traverse the differences between synthetic vitamins and food-based vitamins and minerals, illuminating the health conditions that truly benefit from nutritional supplementation and those that don't. The discussion delves into the popular misunderstanding that treating chronic health issues with vitamins and supplements is effective.
This episode goes under the hood, placing vitamins in the context of various health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney failure, and even cancer. Learn about how vitamins often merely scratch the surface in handling these health challenges. Revisit common confusion between nutritional deficiencies and some health issues, and become armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions concerning your vitamin intake.
Discover the potential dangers and hazards associated with synthetic vitamins, as well as the chemical processes used to create them. Gain knowledge about the rising options for food-based supplements, with a focus on their greater absorption capacities. This is important information for anyone looking to shift from synthetic vitamins to natural, food-based supplements and improve their overall health significantly.
Explore the deceptive advertising of synthetic vitamins as a solution to various health conditions, from cardiovascular disorders to cancer. Learn about the harmful impacts of synthetic vitamins, such as insomnia, heart palpitations, and digestive complications.
Lastly, unlock the power of herbal medicine and their potential for treating several health conditions. Understand the importance of dietary changes and organic farming alongside supplement intake. The discussion concludes with an emphasis on treating the root causes of health issues before supplementing with vitamins.
Let this episode guide you through the transition from synthetic to natural supplements. Set the foundation for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with this eye-opening discussion.

Saturday May 04, 2024

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the profound implications of the ancient Ayurvedic proverb, "Food is thy medicine." We explore the long-standing practice of using food and plants as remedial solutions, underscoring the age-old concept of food serving more than its gastronomic purpose. We dispel the modern misconception of limiting treatment to tasty meals, encouraging you to embrace the benefits of natural herbs and bitter foods, which play significant roles in maintaining good health and combating severe health conditions.
Further expanding the horizon of our understanding, we explain why Ayurveda does not differentiate between food, herbs, and spices, but sees them all as a form of nourishment. From discussing the nutritional balance essential in dealing with degenerative conditions to exploring the significant role of herbs in reversing severe health conditions, we redefine the parameters of what constitutes food. Our journey towards understanding and respecting the Ayurvedic perspective of food as a multifaceted healing tool will transform the way you think about what’s on your plate.
In segueing into the realm of Chinese traditional medicine, we delve into the world of medicinal herbs and mushrooms, highlighting strategies employed by herbalists to embrace the concept of "food as medicine." We lay emphasis on the cruciality of sourcing organic ingredients to ensure efficacy, and unravel the intricacies of understanding and using herbs as preventive measures and therapeutic agents.
Lastly, we share insightful lessons and experiences from the speaker’s voyage to India. Here, the crucial roles of food, herbs, and spices as invaluable agents of healing and rehabilitation are profoundly appreciated. From discussing their effect on various body organs to preventive actions on health-threatening issues like cirrhosis or fatty liver, we encourage the practice of an informed, wholesome dietary lifestyle.
Join us in this engaging session as we delve into the power of food and herbs to heal, instructing on the necessity of maintaining balance in our diet, and advocating for a sincere commitment to a healthy lifestyle.This episode seeks to unlock and bring to your table, the tangible and vast benefits of adopting food as not just gustatory pleasure, but as a pathway to improved health.
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Saturday Apr 27, 2024

After almost 30 years of treating people naturally with herbal medicine, Khabir has much to say. He will not hesitate to answer your questions and share his honest views.Khabir will give a weekly update on health news, including
New Fad Diets
Vaccine Injury updates
Cures for "incurable" health conditions
Misconceptions about herbal treatments

Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Hear from the Master
Learn how he treated "incurable" health issues with his herbal formulas 
After almost 30 years of treating people naturally with herbal medicine, Khabir has a lot to say. He will not hesitate to answer your questions and share his honest views

Sunday Apr 07, 2024

Learn from The Master!
After almost 30 years of treating people naturally with herbal medicine, Khabir has a lot to say.  He will not hesitate to answer your questions and share his honest views.
Khabir spoke on:
* New Fad Diets and why all diets are fads
* Answered a question on Smoothies
* He touched on vaccine injuries he sees in practice
* He spoke about herbs for weight loss and how a weight-loss formula by works
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Friday Apr 05, 2024

Learn about the natural treatments for reducing aging of the skin and body according to Ayurveda
A detailed class with dietary guidelines, lifestyle habits and herbal treatments to live longer

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Unlock the mysteries of natural body detoxification in this insightful webinar. The session dispels myths about detox diets and dives into the signs of toxicity in the human body's different organs, highlighting the importance of knowing when detoxification is necessary. Covering a range of vital organs such as your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder, this webinar equips you with the knowledge to determine which organs require detoxification and addresses potential dangers associated with unnecessary detoxing. We venture into the overuse and misuse of detox diets, exploring common internet fads while discussing preventive measures to protect your body from toxin build-up. Our goal isn't only about detoxing your body but understanding what your body needs and responding appropriately. Ayurvedic Herbs, Preventative Measures, and Detoxing TechniquesThis episode emphasizes the use of traditional Ayurvedic herbs in body detoxification and highlights the significance of vital organ cleansing. We discuss various dynamics - from kidney cleansing, the lymphatic system, to arthritis treatment, and the benefits of a high-fiber diet. You will learn about holistic pathways to overall health and relief from various ailments. Addressing symptoms such as constipation and joint pain, we consider their links to toxins in your body and explore treatments targeted at individual organs. The narrative moves beyond common social media detox trends, emphasizing proper understanding and strategies for body cleansing instead.Colon Cleansing and Liver DetoxificationWe devote a significant part of the episode to colon cleansing, underlining symptoms, conditions, and dietary guidelines suited for different Ayurvedic body types (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). We discuss certain Ayurvedic herbs that aid colon cleansing and their benefits, which include fighting off parasites. This discussion underscores the importance of high fiber intake and the dangers of a constipating diet.The episode also covers liver toxicity signs and ways to handle them. For example, increased LDL cholesterol levels call for a liver cleanse. Guiding you on how to detoxify your liver based on body type and specific liver conditions, we promote a slow-and-steady approach over instant detox methods that could potentially damage health.Ayurvedic Detoxification Herbs and Kidney HealthWe probe into the roles of various herbs such as dandelion and burdock root for liver detoxification, milk thistle for bile flow, and coriander and cardamom for cooling the body. We take an in-depth look at the functions of nettle, parsley, horsetail, gokshura (Tribulus), and urva-ursi for treating urinary problems, improving kidney health and addressing issues such as kidney failure and discomfort during urination. Detoxify the Lymphatic System and Encountering Positive ChangesOur discussion further includes formulas for detoxifying the lymphatic system effectively, emphasizing understanding your unique detoxification needs. We also underscore the importance of a restorative phase to build back tissues after intensive detoxification. Further, the webinar also addresses mental health, stretching detoxification beyond the physical realm and reminding listeners of the negative impact of toxic relationships and environments. Embark on this journey with us to understand your body better and transform your life using Ayurveda's wisdom!

Sunday Mar 24, 2024

Immerse yourself in this in-depth exploration of the power of herbs and their role in health and well-being. This episode of our live series sheds light on the vast world of herbal treatments, translating ancient wisdom from the Ayurveda system and beyond to solve contemporary health challenges.
We debunk common myths and misconceptions about herbal treatments, emphasizing the need for personalized approaches and professional guidance. Learn how to separate genuine herbal wisdom from 'fad' herbs and misleading online information. We delve into the complexities of individualized treatment and how numerous factors, including form, weight, and existing health conditions, impact the way herbs interact within our bodies.
The episode stresses the importance of understanding how to consume herbs, ranging from tablets and tinctures to essential oils and powders. We discuss the significance of dosage commitment and reveal how consistent and prolonged use is crucial in maximizing the benefits of herbal remedies.
Join us as we elaborate on the importance of recognizing and addressing early symptoms, debunking the myths of aging health issues. This comprehensive guide concludes with an emphatic urging towards understanding your body's signals, maintaining balance between physical needs and mental well-being, and seeking experience-based professional help for effective and authentic therapy.
Equip yourself with accurate knowledge of herbs, their optimal usage, and the profound impact they can have on your overall health. Discover the herbal world's finest secrets, all in this comprehensive episode.


Herbman products

Now after another nearly 30 years of consulting, he is an internationally renowned health consultant, master herbalist, Naturopath, wholefood nutritionist, and instructor on natural health care, especially Ayurveda. Here at Herb Man Teas, we only offer a small selection of the 400+ herbal products Khabir uses in his practice.  Although he has decided to publicly offer his most popular herbal teas, he continues to run his two healthcare clinics in Southern Texas and Southern California.

Here at Herb Man Teas, we are committed to producing the highest quality product possible regardless of the cost

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